Rieti is considered the center of gravity of the Italian peninsula but, despite its location in the heart of central Italy, the city has a rather considerable skiing tradition, given its proximity to the Apennines.

Built in Roman times on the plain of Monte Terminillo, the history of Rieti has been mixed from its origins with that of the empire, although most believe it was mythologically founded by the goddess Rea, who gave it its name.

The Roman remains are only sporadically visible today, such as in the bridge that crosses the Velino river, right in the city center. The medieval walls and the typical urban layout of the time are much more visible, in fact, and the 5 access gates to the city have not been affected by time.

Rieti has also been under the influence of the papacy for a long time over the centuries and the Episcopal Palace and other elegant buildings scattered throughout the city bear witness to this.

A visit to Rieti in the winter season will also offer you sporting adventures on the snow of the Apennines.

There is no entrance ticket to the city, but the parking of tourist buses is regulated by the company that also manages urban transport. More information on the official page: http://www.asmrieti.it/trasporto/linee.asp

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