Coliseum and the main museums reopen!

June 10, 2020

The Colosseum was reopened to the public on June 1, after 84 days of closure due to the coronavirus emergency.

The Colosseum reopened the gates at 10:30 am, but without international tourists and only for a few hundred people, to respect the social distancing measures. Many people who showed up for the first possible visit in months, although far fewer than on a normal June day in the past.

Also on the same day, the other Roman museums, the Capitoline Museums, the Museum of Rome, the Baths of Caracalla and the Vatican Museums also reopened to the public.

At the Vatican Museums there are about 1,600 visitors on the first day of reopening. Many, but it will take time to review the long lines of incoming tourists, so habitual in the summer.

The Imperial Forums also reopen.

The reopenings take place between important security measures, with spacing and masks. There is also a health facility at the Colosseum.

Rome experienced in those early days the reopening of the city, but still without international tourists, as it reopened to foreign tourism from June 3rd.

SOURCE: el Itagnol